See the 6 Free Books You Get with TGC21

TGC’s 2021 National Conference isn’t going to be like previous ones. COVID-19 has forced us to rethink what a national conference can be for you. But sometimes forced adaptation leads to innovation and an even better experience.

One thing we’re doing at TGC21 that we’ve never done before is give every registrant—whether you attend in person or online—a bunch of free new-release books. If you register you’ll get copies of:

  • How to Reach the West Again (Timothy Keller)
  • The Secular Creed: Engaging Five Contemporary Claims (Rebecca McLaughlin)
  • The Multi-Directional Leader: Responding Wisely to Challenges from Every Side (Trevin Wax)
  • Before You Lose Your Faith: Deconstructing Doubt in the Church (edited by Ivan Mesa)
  • Taming the Tongue: How the Gospel Transforms Our Talk (Jeff Robinson)
  • Hebrews for You: Giving You an Anchor for the Soul (Michael Kruger)

The retail value of these books totals almost $90, so if you register today you’ll essentially get half your money back in the form of books. Additionally, if you sign up for TGC21, you’ll receive our special conference-bookstore discounts, whether you attend online or come to Indy. Browsing the bookstore is a highlight of any TGC national conference, and now you can do the same from home.

If you love books, you’ll love TGC21.

Register for TGC21 today.

See the 6 Free Books You Get with TGC21

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